Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've been finding it difficult to post regularly. I don't even budget my crafting time very well. with school and a ridiculous, waiting night-dayjob. my craft area is a total disaster. an explosion of beads ribbons and stones. I'm also moving at the end of the year. I don't feel like organizing it all just to pack it away. I'd rather just pack it all away and start a new. there are too many distractions to continue for the rest of this year. i will begin again with a refreshed state of my crafting mind. Enjoy these for the time being.

Happy winter solstice, see you on the other side.

a stretchy bracelet comprised of moonstone and peaceful flower lampwork glass beads.

Hills tribe sterling silver feathers on a chain, with a pearl accent. All components in these earrings are sterling silver.

this bracelet reminds me of a more classical time. huge, round fossil beads in deep blue. clear Swarovski crystals. sterling silver spacers in between. a luminescent pewter clasp.

this stretchy bracelet is so adorable. in it are pink glass squares between brass bead caps. featured in this bracelet are beads of rainbow fluorite.

$72 (custom)
fun spirited charm bracelet made of gorgeous rainbow fluorite beads on a special sterling silver chain.

a bouquet of vintage lucite flowers on a pewter adjustable ring

baby's breathe blues
blue and white vintage lucite flowers wire wrapped in copper. find blue and pink crystals in these cute copper earrings.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the stream.


i was right. i merely blinked and its already days til my own birthday. my twenty-first birthday. and i really don't know what to feel. besides, i am not even thinking about such things, when i have been pushing back appointments and losing grip on yesterdays. there are people to see and places to be. no more procrastinating. that will (should) be my new life motto after 21. or maybe i just go at a slow pace. yes, yes i think that's it- the world is moving faster than our feet can take. we should all slow it down a little. so that i may catch up with old faces.

this necklace is made with rainbow fluorite and green glass crystals. sterling silver snake chain necklace and clasp. this fluorite was hand picked by my mom when we took a lunch break to the bead shop for the first time together. the place is literally steps away from her workplace. i will be taking many trips :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

i am me, what more would you like


any way here is some stuff.

here is a mushroom necklace that i planned to build a long time ago and surprisingly it took no effort at all to find the strap, which is faux suede. A silver lobster clasp and extension chain. It was all in the timing. (note: none of my mushroom necklaces are available on my etsy yet, along with more photos. but if i get demand for any of them maybe i'll move a little more quicker, lol)

Here is another mushroom necklace, this one made of glass. A translucent blue mushroom sits inside a drop of solid glass forever preserved. Hung on a silver plated chain.

This necklace is all about bicycle love. if you got it (we all got it) you have to have this cute necklace. made of brass

and, these earrings are quite special. These are vintage Lucite violet iris flowers, hung by a sterling silver chain that is very thin and delicate. Simple and beautiful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

east coast road trip brings enlightenment

So over the last couple of days me and Chris drove up to New York, enjoyed the city in a constant drizzle, ate wonderful foods and drove on back home to orlando. The trip was great and it was quite an experience trying to figure out the subway system. Didn't get much shopping done due to the watery weather by that is totally fine considering the bill this trip ran up already. Ever since we've left I've been daydreaming of the day we pack up and move to the city, were I think we would fit in quite nicely. maybe another year....

On our way back from new york city, we made a detour through St. Augustine. Chris had never seen St. Augustine and the last time I visited there was when I was in the 5th grade. Everything about the place was the same as I remembered. Sunny and old. We saw the castillo de san marcos fort and walked shortly through the tiny shops. We strolled long enough for me to find an adorable little bead shop. It was the about the size of a closet. It was a treasure trove thought because I found some very interesting things (like these beautiful Buddha beads) ...

I've brought brass in yellows, grays and patinas, and other objects and jewels together to create a Buddha inspired collection of jewelry. When my things are photographed nicely, they will be presented here shortly.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know... what a terrible day to day was. Well, it was very terrible.

imagine a ceiling falling down on your head ... really.

aren't these cute?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

explored some florida

We went out to the avon park area the other day. Visited friends, saw some familiar, but not, scenery, learned some things. It was fun times and I got some rather interesting shots from ol' reliable. I really would love a new (and better) camera, although I do get some good shots from this one.

big funky looking tree. I'm sure it was very old.
what is that?!

catwalk through the swampy wetland.

thanks for the great time sandy and josh!

Friday, August 14, 2009

end of summer woes

another summer has gone by, and it passed just as quick as last the last. The best thing about summer is that you don't actually have to accomplish anything, because it is summer. An idea that lingers from the annual ritual of childhood that occurred between the months of june and september; its hard to shake the want to relax when that time comes every year since there are no periods of long term recreation in the workforce. But you might feel disappointed come august when it starts to get dimmer outside and you realize you didn't soak up as much sun as you wanted. This is the time we all get back to normal. The buses will return to the roads, curfews will be reinstated, the beaches will get cold. And don't feel too badly about the things you didn't get to this summer. there is always next year... right?

Here's something I spent the whole morning on, I didn't want to let the summer go with out at least one spectacular piece.


This little number is my "sleeping kitty dream" necklace, created today out of instantaneous inspiration. Made of brass, both antiqued and some bright yellow brass. Some gold plated findings in there also. the charms range from semi-precious stones, shells, a coin, stars and a ceramic cat charm.

I also wanted to post a photo of my "fruit stripes" bracelet with a slight detail variation. I changed the white bow to a black bow and the difference is dramatic.

the rest of the year is going to fly by.

Friday, July 31, 2009

my first sale

I got my first sale on etsy!

It was the "snow flower" earrings. It's funny, I check 100's times a day, religiously, and this I hadn't even noticed it til a day later! Anyway, I'm just really, really happy to get my first sale. It's a big deal. Now I've gotta package them up all cute and send them away.

well, I've managed to get a couple things done today like an anklet a friend of mine has been asking for for months! I've got a lot on my plate right now, but I couldn't resist all the new things I just got.

Here's something different. This thick black choker fits snugly around your neck and secures with a magnetic clasp. Very pretty.

I really want to show this up on my etsy while being worn. I'll have to find a good neck model.

Here's the anklet that's way over due....

Its an antiqued brass chain and clasp, with wire-wrapped deep blue faceted glass beads.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the start of some new ideas

I ordered some of the things I needed to continue my beading adventures. and my package was waiting for me when I got home from school. Things like chains, charms, clasps.... all the shiny and expensive things! I was planning on stretching the time between orders, but I received a special request for a necklace so I needed a few items quick. The clerk at the 7-eleven by chris's job loved my "forget me knots" necklace and asked for one in black. That's my latest gig, and also i wanted to have a few new items for the next audubon market (which is this 5th of august!)
my mother's birthday is also very soon. I was planning on creating her something special by hand, but I can't say what in case she reads :P
I have about 2 more weeks of school then I'm free free free!
the only thing in my way is that damn research paper. I cant wait to get back to some full time crafting. Ive only been able to do the bare minimum of what I want so far.

here's the star necklace that was recently noticed while out on the town:

This one may not actually be for sale. I think I want to keep it for myself, but I've got the things now to make many more. in different styles and colors.

Friday, July 24, 2009

never enough hours in the night

Ive been so ridiculously busy with what seems like no achievements. School has got me playing catch up every single day after long, boring nights slanging coffee and pancakes. Im taking 2 summer classes, six weeks long. my humanities teacher has us read one epic poem or ancient classic per night in order to keep us up to pace. really, I'm not reading everything... Not to mention (though I just did) the 7 page research paper we have to squeeze into that, also. I'm just counting the days til this hell-course is over so I can get back to important things like crafting!

I have found time in between being a slave to the structure of society to do some knitting. Ive been holding off on bead work for a few months, just because of frustration and lack of adequate supplies. My home was also in need of some serious organizing before I could extract any more great ideas out of me. I'd say were 77-80 percent there. but I digress. my real only accomplishments lately have been a couple of knitted wallet/coin purses that amazingly double as ipod pouches. This creation actually happened as an accident. Or rather it didn't start out as a pouch. I was initially knitting an armband pocket but when I finished the knitted piece, I noticed it could be folded into a very cute wallet sized pouch. Then I ran and found my ipod to see if it would fit and it was a perfect match. What a great day that was.

I used that idea to make three styles so far.

This adorable blue one is made with 100% cotton and an embellishing yarn of little blue baubles. It's incredibly soft! It closes with a wooden button. This actual pouch is not for sale. My cat Luna has claimed it as hers (she does this weird face rubbing ritual with it) I'm in the process of building an exact copy and posting it on my etsy.

This green one is slimmer. Its made from acrylic yarn and I padded the interior of the pocket with a pink polka-dot fabric. I haven't yet found a button worthy of adorning such a cute pouch.

Here is the one that started it all. This is made from pastel colored 100% cotton yarn. the pattern makes a cute tie-dye design. I used Velcro as the closing mechanism. no real reason why, but it makes for a cute wallet style pouch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back on the scene

my new computer has arrived and is ready to upload all my fantastic new pictures! I got a pretty swanky dell laptop with an artsy oceanic cover. It took about 4 attempts to actually get my order processed correctly but it finally arrived and I am so excited. I think my new toy will push me to actually stay active in my online life!
In fact, while I was awaiting my new computer I started messing around with my etsy account. So far I've posted 9 of my handmade things, with many more to come. no sales, though. Be my first!
~ ~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

some life, a little death

I've disappeared for a few weeks, I know.
Took a little hiatus after the first market and been taking things slowly ever since. I've been off of school for a few weeks, I begin again on the last day of this month.
I just had a market showcase this past week. Unfortunately the rain joined us and spooked everyone into staying home where it's dry. But I persisted, as tired as I was, and Chris and Edwin tagged along this time too. We had no sales that day, but it was still fun.
I bought a new pair of glasses (two actually), it gave me a new look.
I'm on my third day of vacation. I have about a week off of work so I'll be cracking away at forgotten projects. I'll also be looking for a new job, since the one I'm currently enslaved at has left me no choice but to quit or risk loosing the little sanity that still resides in my mind.
Believe it or not, there are more terrible things to speak about besides my job. Like the fact that the laptop me and Chris lugged around like an unwanted child (that had all the information in the world) is now broken! I was just getting around to photographing and editing my pictures perfectly for my etsy store....
I will be buying a new laptop in the next couple of days because my life demands it. I have an online class starting soon and, more importantly, I need to stay in touch here and use it to outlet my fantastical creations to the world. I'm so excited, new computers are awesome, like new frames! New anything is awesome!

There is an Animal Collective show on tomorrow, we will be attending, in all our delirious glory. I'll attempt to catch the magic I see with a mechanical invention and post it here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Turtle love

hello! Its late at night. boyfriend is dead asleep. infomercials are not entertaining. Posting will take up some time so here I am. I guess I will start crafting in a bit, but here are some more items I've finished up...

These cute turtles are so playful! They should always be in a pair, hanging happily from your lobes with a smile. $6

I'm not sure what plant would produce gray flowers and vibrant citrus fruits, but these earrings would be it. The bunch hangs from copper french hoops. The "fruits" slightly mismatch, but what two fruits ever grow identically? $6

These earrings are light and sweet. Sterling silver wires hang a group of yellow Daffodils and White flowers. Crystal buds are hidden in the bouquet and each earring feels light as a feather. $12

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the marketplace

So yesterday was my first market at stardust!
I was so excited, I wanted everything to go perfect and I think it went better than perfect.
We took a trip to the thrift store to get the things for my table and my display came out beautiful. Everyone was complementing my set up and the sea glass I placed on the table more than my jewelry! I made a few sales, too. (mostly from my friends and family but it still counts!)
There was veg foods, hippie art, acoustic music, and hipsters everywhere. The vendors next to us were selling these disgusting but oh-so-cute zombie head earrings and fleshy wound bracelets. Chris and I had a great time there. I can't wait for my next market. Next time we'll bring the vespa (cus there was like no parking!)

and as i promised days ago, here are a few of the earrings I made before the market. (can you tell I'm a huge procrastinator.)

Full Circle.
pretty purple crystals. clear glass beads. mother of pearl O's. sterling silver ear wires. beautiful.

These earrings are just adorable. It's an arrangement of green glass leaves, a white pearl and a single bunch of grapes. All components are sterling silver and have been oxidized and polished.


A Silent Flower.
Black and white Czech glass bell flowers on oxidized silver have a vintage feel. Like a silent film.

In music a triplet is a set of three notes, played together. In these earrings, a set of three tulips hang together on a black chain. Oxidized sterling silver, yellow swarovski crystals and yellow vintage tulips make up this triplet.

Monday, April 27, 2009

it's very late.

been up all night making earrings... now im ready for breakfast!
(first watch potatoes, yumm!)
Then sleep.
Wait til you see what I made!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's raining Calypso!

If anything Calypso could be turned into sole colors, I think it would look like the drops of color hanging off these copper earrings. The colorful circles are actually capiz shell. They are attached to hand formed copper loops so you can wear something Calypso happily on your ears!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

fruit baskets and flowers in the spring time

so much has happened since my last post! Lately I've been designing a spring collection with vintage Lucite flower beads. So far, there are a few earrings done, planning some bracelets and small chain necklaces timing goes well.

I have been keeping myself busy making ear wires; I have a couple very cute styles now. Sterling sliver is pesky to form but oh-so pretty in the end, I'm oxidizing select pairs for the blackened look too. I've just been getting completely lost in crafting lately, trying all kinds of different things. I think Chris is getting a little annoyed with all my experiments around the house.

The intergalactic bead show came through my town this month too. It was a weekend event and luckily I caught the listing in the paper on sunday, the last day. I found some amazing beads, like these glass fruit beads I made this bracelet out of!
( iv'e also changed the sizes of my photos so that your computer doesn't explode while loading them :] )


Beads Beads Beads!

Chris and I went to the bead show together, or rather he took me to the bead show. They even made him pay admission just to accompany me while I rummaged through beads, hahaha. You really have to go to those things with lots of cash; my $80 only purchased me a portion of all the beautiful beads I wanted to take home. All the people there, selling and shopping, were really odd and interesting, we fit right in! I was probably the youngest person there, I wonder why more young folk didn't go to this thing...

The first stand we stopped by belonged to this couple who had been together, making lampwork beads, since the 1970's! There was an old photo hanging on the stand with the two of them with hippie tresses, it made me think about how me and Chris would look 30 years from now, and wether I'd still be making jewelry.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

emerald city

I've redone this anklet a few times.
I'm finally satisfied with the result.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Emerald green glass beads of all kinds, along with deep blue crystals look beautiful with copper. There's a cute flower that hangs from the adjustable chain. $12