Friday, July 31, 2009

my first sale

I got my first sale on etsy!

It was the "snow flower" earrings. It's funny, I check 100's times a day, religiously, and this I hadn't even noticed it til a day later! Anyway, I'm just really, really happy to get my first sale. It's a big deal. Now I've gotta package them up all cute and send them away.

well, I've managed to get a couple things done today like an anklet a friend of mine has been asking for for months! I've got a lot on my plate right now, but I couldn't resist all the new things I just got.

Here's something different. This thick black choker fits snugly around your neck and secures with a magnetic clasp. Very pretty.

I really want to show this up on my etsy while being worn. I'll have to find a good neck model.

Here's the anklet that's way over due....

Its an antiqued brass chain and clasp, with wire-wrapped deep blue faceted glass beads.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the start of some new ideas

I ordered some of the things I needed to continue my beading adventures. and my package was waiting for me when I got home from school. Things like chains, charms, clasps.... all the shiny and expensive things! I was planning on stretching the time between orders, but I received a special request for a necklace so I needed a few items quick. The clerk at the 7-eleven by chris's job loved my "forget me knots" necklace and asked for one in black. That's my latest gig, and also i wanted to have a few new items for the next audubon market (which is this 5th of august!)
my mother's birthday is also very soon. I was planning on creating her something special by hand, but I can't say what in case she reads :P
I have about 2 more weeks of school then I'm free free free!
the only thing in my way is that damn research paper. I cant wait to get back to some full time crafting. Ive only been able to do the bare minimum of what I want so far.

here's the star necklace that was recently noticed while out on the town:

This one may not actually be for sale. I think I want to keep it for myself, but I've got the things now to make many more. in different styles and colors.

Friday, July 24, 2009

never enough hours in the night

Ive been so ridiculously busy with what seems like no achievements. School has got me playing catch up every single day after long, boring nights slanging coffee and pancakes. Im taking 2 summer classes, six weeks long. my humanities teacher has us read one epic poem or ancient classic per night in order to keep us up to pace. really, I'm not reading everything... Not to mention (though I just did) the 7 page research paper we have to squeeze into that, also. I'm just counting the days til this hell-course is over so I can get back to important things like crafting!

I have found time in between being a slave to the structure of society to do some knitting. Ive been holding off on bead work for a few months, just because of frustration and lack of adequate supplies. My home was also in need of some serious organizing before I could extract any more great ideas out of me. I'd say were 77-80 percent there. but I digress. my real only accomplishments lately have been a couple of knitted wallet/coin purses that amazingly double as ipod pouches. This creation actually happened as an accident. Or rather it didn't start out as a pouch. I was initially knitting an armband pocket but when I finished the knitted piece, I noticed it could be folded into a very cute wallet sized pouch. Then I ran and found my ipod to see if it would fit and it was a perfect match. What a great day that was.

I used that idea to make three styles so far.

This adorable blue one is made with 100% cotton and an embellishing yarn of little blue baubles. It's incredibly soft! It closes with a wooden button. This actual pouch is not for sale. My cat Luna has claimed it as hers (she does this weird face rubbing ritual with it) I'm in the process of building an exact copy and posting it on my etsy.

This green one is slimmer. Its made from acrylic yarn and I padded the interior of the pocket with a pink polka-dot fabric. I haven't yet found a button worthy of adorning such a cute pouch.

Here is the one that started it all. This is made from pastel colored 100% cotton yarn. the pattern makes a cute tie-dye design. I used Velcro as the closing mechanism. no real reason why, but it makes for a cute wallet style pouch.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

back on the scene

my new computer has arrived and is ready to upload all my fantastic new pictures! I got a pretty swanky dell laptop with an artsy oceanic cover. It took about 4 attempts to actually get my order processed correctly but it finally arrived and I am so excited. I think my new toy will push me to actually stay active in my online life!
In fact, while I was awaiting my new computer I started messing around with my etsy account. So far I've posted 9 of my handmade things, with many more to come. no sales, though. Be my first!
~ ~