Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the start of some new ideas

I ordered some of the things I needed to continue my beading adventures. and my package was waiting for me when I got home from school. Things like chains, charms, clasps.... all the shiny and expensive things! I was planning on stretching the time between orders, but I received a special request for a necklace so I needed a few items quick. The clerk at the 7-eleven by chris's job loved my "forget me knots" necklace and asked for one in black. That's my latest gig, and also i wanted to have a few new items for the next audubon market (which is this 5th of august!)
my mother's birthday is also very soon. I was planning on creating her something special by hand, but I can't say what in case she reads :P
I have about 2 more weeks of school then I'm free free free!
the only thing in my way is that damn research paper. I cant wait to get back to some full time crafting. Ive only been able to do the bare minimum of what I want so far.

here's the star necklace that was recently noticed while out on the town:

This one may not actually be for sale. I think I want to keep it for myself, but I've got the things now to make many more. in different styles and colors.

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