Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've been finding it difficult to post regularly. I don't even budget my crafting time very well. with school and a ridiculous, waiting night-dayjob. my craft area is a total disaster. an explosion of beads ribbons and stones. I'm also moving at the end of the year. I don't feel like organizing it all just to pack it away. I'd rather just pack it all away and start a new. there are too many distractions to continue for the rest of this year. i will begin again with a refreshed state of my crafting mind. Enjoy these for the time being.

Happy winter solstice, see you on the other side.

a stretchy bracelet comprised of moonstone and peaceful flower lampwork glass beads.

Hills tribe sterling silver feathers on a chain, with a pearl accent. All components in these earrings are sterling silver.

this bracelet reminds me of a more classical time. huge, round fossil beads in deep blue. clear Swarovski crystals. sterling silver spacers in between. a luminescent pewter clasp.

this stretchy bracelet is so adorable. in it are pink glass squares between brass bead caps. featured in this bracelet are beads of rainbow fluorite.

$72 (custom)
fun spirited charm bracelet made of gorgeous rainbow fluorite beads on a special sterling silver chain.

a bouquet of vintage lucite flowers on a pewter adjustable ring

baby's breathe blues
blue and white vintage lucite flowers wire wrapped in copper. find blue and pink crystals in these cute copper earrings.