Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the stream.


i was right. i merely blinked and its already days til my own birthday. my twenty-first birthday. and i really don't know what to feel. besides, i am not even thinking about such things, when i have been pushing back appointments and losing grip on yesterdays. there are people to see and places to be. no more procrastinating. that will (should) be my new life motto after 21. or maybe i just go at a slow pace. yes, yes i think that's it- the world is moving faster than our feet can take. we should all slow it down a little. so that i may catch up with old faces.

this necklace is made with rainbow fluorite and green glass crystals. sterling silver snake chain necklace and clasp. this fluorite was hand picked by my mom when we took a lunch break to the bead shop for the first time together. the place is literally steps away from her workplace. i will be taking many trips :)