Tuesday, June 9, 2009

some life, a little death

I've disappeared for a few weeks, I know.
Took a little hiatus after the first market and been taking things slowly ever since. I've been off of school for a few weeks, I begin again on the last day of this month.
I just had a market showcase this past week. Unfortunately the rain joined us and spooked everyone into staying home where it's dry. But I persisted, as tired as I was, and Chris and Edwin tagged along this time too. We had no sales that day, but it was still fun.
I bought a new pair of glasses (two actually), it gave me a new look.
I'm on my third day of vacation. I have about a week off of work so I'll be cracking away at forgotten projects. I'll also be looking for a new job, since the one I'm currently enslaved at has left me no choice but to quit or risk loosing the little sanity that still resides in my mind.
Believe it or not, there are more terrible things to speak about besides my job. Like the fact that the laptop me and Chris lugged around like an unwanted child (that had all the information in the world) is now broken! I was just getting around to photographing and editing my pictures perfectly for my etsy store....
I will be buying a new laptop in the next couple of days because my life demands it. I have an online class starting soon and, more importantly, I need to stay in touch here and use it to outlet my fantastical creations to the world. I'm so excited, new computers are awesome, like new frames! New anything is awesome!

There is an Animal Collective show on tomorrow, we will be attending, in all our delirious glory. I'll attempt to catch the magic I see with a mechanical invention and post it here.