Thursday, October 7, 2010

say yea

Saw Yeasayer live at firestone tonight. whoa.

Damn, my camera sucks.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My vespa has been riding kinda rough lately. I thought it might first have been the spark plug.
I ordered one, then changed it. all on my own :)
(I was surprised at how long it took me to find it)
but that didn't fix the problem. I was determined to figure it out, though.
so then I went after the carburetor. I took off some other parts that really didn't need to be taken off but at least I know how to do it now! Gregory helped out a ton, like when I needed to empty the tank via holding the fuel line to a gas container for about 5 minutes. We both did not really know what we were doing but we got the carb out, I sprayed it with carb cleaner inside and out, and stuck it back in. the cleaning and a minor tweak to my idle intake made all the difference! Im so proud of myself :)
its running beautifully now. I hope it stays that way

Lately it has been raining a lot. I keep getting caught in it. very frustrating. and painful, hah. it makes me wanna buy a car... there I said it. lol

and here is a giant watermelon I found a couple weeks ago in kristi's hometown Luling, TX

Friday, March 19, 2010

wear your wounds with pride.

well another month, or whatever has passed and i have to update with some news. i am no longer working at my pancakes bacon and eggs crappy job. imagine what can be accomplished if all my former corporate working time was replaced with artistic expression and craftivism. i am so excited to be jobless!
i've been surveying my little studio broom closet for a revamping and randomly start working away at something from instantaneous inspiration, and i can get away with wasting time like that now. i created 4 new pieces without even planning to do it. i like working sloppily like that.

also, i've really been enjoying Yeasayer's last two albums Odd Blood and All Hour Cymbals. these are better than good and quite timely appropriate for me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shuttle Bus, Shuttle Launch

things have been really moving. as you can probably see, i have not even had the time lately to commit to the things i wanted to stay committed to. School has definitely kept me busy. I have been keeping up with my studies rather well. Between three classes there is tons of reading that i must prioritize before i can do any crafting, and well here is the result: hardly any time in my studio. I'm sure a few more weeks and i'll have a routine going. i am still settling in to my new home. I'm not quite use to having a hectic schedule and the last month has been nothing but. I've attempted the day planners with half eager failure. i think this time i have to find a system that works if i want to stay organized, especially now that i'll be traveling south more.
This weekend i was in miami, actually. Not for the superbowl, but for my cat. and for chris, too, of course! It was a lazy weekend. We shopped for new threads, had a drink at the Titanic, and ate tons of food. It was great. Even the bus ride back home didn't feel that horrible, save the obnoxious girl behind me who incessantly pulled on my seat the entire time. I got a ride from mom around 3 am (thaaaanks, mom) and arrived home just in time to catch the shuttle launch.
I was able to witness the spectacle from my backyard, with nothing but peace and quiet. I was struck where I was when this bright orange fire ball slowly rose into the sky. It was like the sun was rising just for me. It was so quiet I could hear the boosters being released right before they hit orbit. The experience was awe-inspiring. And everyone who saw it must of had that same feeling in the pit of their stomach. The feeling that there is something great about the human race, even though our everyday seem filled with relative nothingness. Its amazing the things humans are capable of doing.

Well i figured i should post something before another month passes, even if i haven't worked on much.

Here is a pair of long dangle style earrings made up of so many different kinds of chains.
It is some what simple, some what edgy. They are just the right length, reaching right above my shoulders. I believe these can be dressed up or down.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

hello same world

my window.

hello again.
it's a new year, I have a new home, and I'm embarking on a new adventure.
I hope this year goes smoother than the last. I won't dwell on 2009 much but, it felt like all I was doing was catching up with things that during the moments, were probably not things I'd want to be catching up with. school is nice, and learning new things is always enjoyable for me, but the amount of time and concentration it took seriously stole from things I wanted to really focus on. so this short break after my last semester and moving out of our apartment is rather nice, or necessary.
I have not made any progress on my berries line since my last sign off post, only shipping the orders I received between then and now. I've been knitting things lately. winter seemed appropriate and I wanted to get some warm hats, scarfs and mittens to my friends. although I think I'm working a little too slow since we just had a week of suffering in our floridian attire with the last cold front, and today being the "Worst Freeze in Florida Since 1989!"
it's about 32 degrees right now, I think it actually snowed yesterday. the orange trees are gonna die if it drops below 28, which they say it will. my mom has all her palm trees and bushes wrapped up in blankets in the front yard. it's hilarious
oh, yeah, I moved back in to my mothers house. for various reasons like more schooling, less working, and money saving. it's an ok deal though, I get a room and a new bed. I get to live with my 3 younger brothers. my vespa has a garage to live in, and it's closer to UCF. I will be taking 3 anthropology courses this semester so anything that motivates me to get to class is a good thing. I also don't have to pay rent so I can save money for things like beads, clothes and organic food.
the only down side is I now have to be miles apart from the two creatures I love to be around the most, chris and luna. I do believe we'll survive the long distance, though. there's no one in the world that gets me the way those two do.

Well that's enough about me now. with this post I initiate the full utilization of my craft through out the 2010 year. I'm committed to not procrastinate, and to finish all the projects I started last year, so to make space for new inspiration.


moving day. don't we look lovely?

my new bed from IKEA, duh.
it satisfies my minimalist approach to comfort

here is my walk-in closet which I made my craft room. its small, cozy and perfect.
I just don't have any closet space...

I have plenty of space in this closet for all my craft crap. I have a lot of it, and its already beginning to make my place look like a cluttered mess.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've been finding it difficult to post regularly. I don't even budget my crafting time very well. with school and a ridiculous, waiting night-dayjob. my craft area is a total disaster. an explosion of beads ribbons and stones. I'm also moving at the end of the year. I don't feel like organizing it all just to pack it away. I'd rather just pack it all away and start a new. there are too many distractions to continue for the rest of this year. i will begin again with a refreshed state of my crafting mind. Enjoy these for the time being.

Happy winter solstice, see you on the other side.

a stretchy bracelet comprised of moonstone and peaceful flower lampwork glass beads.

Hills tribe sterling silver feathers on a chain, with a pearl accent. All components in these earrings are sterling silver.

this bracelet reminds me of a more classical time. huge, round fossil beads in deep blue. clear Swarovski crystals. sterling silver spacers in between. a luminescent pewter clasp.

this stretchy bracelet is so adorable. in it are pink glass squares between brass bead caps. featured in this bracelet are beads of rainbow fluorite.

$72 (custom)
fun spirited charm bracelet made of gorgeous rainbow fluorite beads on a special sterling silver chain.

a bouquet of vintage lucite flowers on a pewter adjustable ring

baby's breathe blues
blue and white vintage lucite flowers wire wrapped in copper. find blue and pink crystals in these cute copper earrings.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the stream.


i was right. i merely blinked and its already days til my own birthday. my twenty-first birthday. and i really don't know what to feel. besides, i am not even thinking about such things, when i have been pushing back appointments and losing grip on yesterdays. there are people to see and places to be. no more procrastinating. that will (should) be my new life motto after 21. or maybe i just go at a slow pace. yes, yes i think that's it- the world is moving faster than our feet can take. we should all slow it down a little. so that i may catch up with old faces.

this necklace is made with rainbow fluorite and green glass crystals. sterling silver snake chain necklace and clasp. this fluorite was hand picked by my mom when we took a lunch break to the bead shop for the first time together. the place is literally steps away from her workplace. i will be taking many trips :)