Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shuttle Bus, Shuttle Launch

things have been really moving. as you can probably see, i have not even had the time lately to commit to the things i wanted to stay committed to. School has definitely kept me busy. I have been keeping up with my studies rather well. Between three classes there is tons of reading that i must prioritize before i can do any crafting, and well here is the result: hardly any time in my studio. I'm sure a few more weeks and i'll have a routine going. i am still settling in to my new home. I'm not quite use to having a hectic schedule and the last month has been nothing but. I've attempted the day planners with half eager failure. i think this time i have to find a system that works if i want to stay organized, especially now that i'll be traveling south more.
This weekend i was in miami, actually. Not for the superbowl, but for my cat. and for chris, too, of course! It was a lazy weekend. We shopped for new threads, had a drink at the Titanic, and ate tons of food. It was great. Even the bus ride back home didn't feel that horrible, save the obnoxious girl behind me who incessantly pulled on my seat the entire time. I got a ride from mom around 3 am (thaaaanks, mom) and arrived home just in time to catch the shuttle launch.
I was able to witness the spectacle from my backyard, with nothing but peace and quiet. I was struck where I was when this bright orange fire ball slowly rose into the sky. It was like the sun was rising just for me. It was so quiet I could hear the boosters being released right before they hit orbit. The experience was awe-inspiring. And everyone who saw it must of had that same feeling in the pit of their stomach. The feeling that there is something great about the human race, even though our everyday seem filled with relative nothingness. Its amazing the things humans are capable of doing.

Well i figured i should post something before another month passes, even if i haven't worked on much.

Here is a pair of long dangle style earrings made up of so many different kinds of chains.
It is some what simple, some what edgy. They are just the right length, reaching right above my shoulders. I believe these can be dressed up or down.

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