Wednesday, February 25, 2009

captured nature around my neck

Here are two very cute chain necklaces. These are two different styles, but both are equally adorable!

This one has an orange resin focal with an image of two birds perched on a branch. On this necklace, the chain is matte-finished metal that wraps around your neck and clasps at the front. An antiqued silver claw clasp adorned with a capiz shell charm. This necklace hangs shorter than the one below, more like a choker.

(modified) With this necklace the design of the resin piece is of a bushel of berries. The chain is made of thin sterling silver plated metal. Along the chain are crystal- faceted purple beads and a glass leaf. The whole necklace closes with a simple metal claw.

blue ruins

Every blue bead on this necklace is unique. This necklace really gives me the feel of stumbling upon an old forgotten beach with beautiful blue artifacts all over the sand. There's a jet black drop hidden in all the blue. $14

twelve planets

A simple bracelet made up of twelve mesmerizing blue glass beads between shiny metal spacers. The bracelet is stretchy and perfect to throw on to any simple outfit.

garden dragons

Here's a cute necklace made of thin, flexible nylon cord.
Dragonflies are strung in intervals that lead to a pretty green resin focal piece of wildflowers.
There is a metal screw clasp that secures it.

* i made one adjustment to this by adding a metal leaf bail to the focal piece where you see a ring in this picture. When i photograph the improved version i will post it. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

early charm

These are a couple of my first bracelets. These four are all made of cute, bright colored glass beads. ( click the image to see details up close )

The charm bracelet is my favorite. Green leaves and blue flowers with crystal buds hang playfully on a metal chain with a claw clasp. $10

My 'cherries' bracelet is a row of red and clear glass that shines like some cherries in a tree! Spacer beads and an antiqued-finished S clasp give it a vintage look. $5

The blue lamp work beads on this bracelet dance around your wrist with a single silver chain between them. $7

The last bracelet has alternating green and white beads that add a simple, quirky charm to a bare wrist $5

Sunday, February 22, 2009

christina's necklace

This is something I made for a very special lay-day christina!
This is my nicest piece, a double-strand silver necklace with bits of green and brown all over (just like the man asks ;)

Christina is this amazing girl that visits me at my job in the wee hours of the night and keeps me company. Feb. 14 was coming around the corner and her boo had the idea to have me make her something BEAUTIFUL. After I got the request, we (christopher and I) set out to find the perfect green and brown beads for this missy. Peridot glass with laser beam reflections hang on one strand with round tiger-eye beads that my boyfriend happily picked out! The amber czech glass mimicks the natural tiger-eye in a funny way. Different, small glass beads of emerald and lime complete the way to the huge tiger-eye drop. The whole necklace is held together by a sterling silver link at the center. Symbolically enough, this was actually the last piece of the necklace I needed (so me and chris rushed out on the vespa to find it!)

I was very happy with the outcome. and so was christina. which makes all the time put into this totally rewarding.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

opening post.

ancient snowstorm.
That's what this bracelet makes me visualize, so that is the name I give it. I finished this piece in a few hours yesterday, and it's definitely one of my favorites.
This bracelet is a blizzard of beauty to me. Obsidian donuts and chunks of Howlite hang from a matte-finished chain, along with white pearls, crystals, and chips of quartz. It wraps around your wrist with a frosted sterling silver clasp. [sold]

I almost don't want to give this one up!

This is the first posted item on this page. For the few people who'll see this blog from its humble beginnings, I hope the future looks bright... For my hobby with beading and i guess for all humanity too.

Thanks for stopping by!