Sunday, May 10, 2009

Turtle love

hello! Its late at night. boyfriend is dead asleep. infomercials are not entertaining. Posting will take up some time so here I am. I guess I will start crafting in a bit, but here are some more items I've finished up...

These cute turtles are so playful! They should always be in a pair, hanging happily from your lobes with a smile. $6

I'm not sure what plant would produce gray flowers and vibrant citrus fruits, but these earrings would be it. The bunch hangs from copper french hoops. The "fruits" slightly mismatch, but what two fruits ever grow identically? $6

These earrings are light and sweet. Sterling silver wires hang a group of yellow Daffodils and White flowers. Crystal buds are hidden in the bouquet and each earring feels light as a feather. $12

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the marketplace

So yesterday was my first market at stardust!
I was so excited, I wanted everything to go perfect and I think it went better than perfect.
We took a trip to the thrift store to get the things for my table and my display came out beautiful. Everyone was complementing my set up and the sea glass I placed on the table more than my jewelry! I made a few sales, too. (mostly from my friends and family but it still counts!)
There was veg foods, hippie art, acoustic music, and hipsters everywhere. The vendors next to us were selling these disgusting but oh-so-cute zombie head earrings and fleshy wound bracelets. Chris and I had a great time there. I can't wait for my next market. Next time we'll bring the vespa (cus there was like no parking!)

and as i promised days ago, here are a few of the earrings I made before the market. (can you tell I'm a huge procrastinator.)

Full Circle.
pretty purple crystals. clear glass beads. mother of pearl O's. sterling silver ear wires. beautiful.

These earrings are just adorable. It's an arrangement of green glass leaves, a white pearl and a single bunch of grapes. All components are sterling silver and have been oxidized and polished.


A Silent Flower.
Black and white Czech glass bell flowers on oxidized silver have a vintage feel. Like a silent film.

In music a triplet is a set of three notes, played together. In these earrings, a set of three tulips hang together on a black chain. Oxidized sterling silver, yellow swarovski crystals and yellow vintage tulips make up this triplet.