Sunday, September 13, 2009

east coast road trip brings enlightenment

So over the last couple of days me and Chris drove up to New York, enjoyed the city in a constant drizzle, ate wonderful foods and drove on back home to orlando. The trip was great and it was quite an experience trying to figure out the subway system. Didn't get much shopping done due to the watery weather by that is totally fine considering the bill this trip ran up already. Ever since we've left I've been daydreaming of the day we pack up and move to the city, were I think we would fit in quite nicely. maybe another year....

On our way back from new york city, we made a detour through St. Augustine. Chris had never seen St. Augustine and the last time I visited there was when I was in the 5th grade. Everything about the place was the same as I remembered. Sunny and old. We saw the castillo de san marcos fort and walked shortly through the tiny shops. We strolled long enough for me to find an adorable little bead shop. It was the about the size of a closet. It was a treasure trove thought because I found some very interesting things (like these beautiful Buddha beads) ...

I've brought brass in yellows, grays and patinas, and other objects and jewels together to create a Buddha inspired collection of jewelry. When my things are photographed nicely, they will be presented here shortly.

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  1. Good one on enlightenment and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Mind Power