Monday, September 21, 2009

i am me, what more would you like


any way here is some stuff.

here is a mushroom necklace that i planned to build a long time ago and surprisingly it took no effort at all to find the strap, which is faux suede. A silver lobster clasp and extension chain. It was all in the timing. (note: none of my mushroom necklaces are available on my etsy yet, along with more photos. but if i get demand for any of them maybe i'll move a little more quicker, lol)

Here is another mushroom necklace, this one made of glass. A translucent blue mushroom sits inside a drop of solid glass forever preserved. Hung on a silver plated chain.

This necklace is all about bicycle love. if you got it (we all got it) you have to have this cute necklace. made of brass

and, these earrings are quite special. These are vintage Lucite violet iris flowers, hung by a sterling silver chain that is very thin and delicate. Simple and beautiful.

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