Friday, March 20, 2009

spring equinox

Here is a sampler of some earrings that have been hanging around my craft table for weeks now. Ive been disappointingly too lazy to take photos and post them, lol. ACTUALLY, I've been wanting to take these, and all my other pieces, to Leu Gardens which is right down the street from me in winter park. Its a huge park of trails and trees. Its the first day of spring today, the place must be blooming with colors! The last time we visited it was in october and there was not much popping. early monday is the best time to go, its free to stroll around before 9am :P
These earrings above are simple and cute. Chips of quartz are stacked under one round porcelain bead. Each bead has a hand painted flower on it, all on a copper earwire. $6
(click on the photo for a VERY LARGE look at my beauties)

These light earrings are made of copper wire with simply two amethyst round gems. I love these, I think they're really cute. I made them in 5 minutes before going to dinner when I realized I didn't have a pair of earrings to wear with my new black dress! They actually worked great with many other outfits. They have a sweet princess style, or something Juliet of italy would have worn. $6

These are a unique pair of danglers. I didn't really have anything in mind when I designed these but I liked the direction it took. The round bead is a pearly looking shell with a pink glass cube spinning in the center. The link is copper wire that I hand-formed. It's adorned with sparkly, dancing blue crystals. $7

These cute earrings have sparkle, shimmer, and
dangle-ly things that make earrings so much fun to wear! I used the same porcelain bead as the earrings above, large blue crystals and small indigo crystals that twinkle all over as they hang down. Whimsical swirly metal bead caps top the big crystals. This design hangs from sterling silver earwires.

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