Tuesday, March 3, 2009

happiness in a bottle

These bottle-cap earrings are too cute! I made these danglers out of authentic brews, happily finished off by my boyfriend and I, maybe during a nascar race. You can even see the crease in the middle, although we tried very hard not to ruin them. These two bottle-caps have an adorable design that I thought would look cute as hell hanging from my little ears. Plus, I love newcastle, it's practically the only beer I drink!
The other pair is made from the tops of an organic raspberry beer, black dog ale.
They hang from sterling silver plated earwires. I used crystals in these earrings to add a matching sparkle.

I think they are perfect for nights out to the bar. or even for work if you work at a place that serves beer. If there is a favorite drink you want to represent, let me know and I can make some custom earrings for you. Chris and I would have no problem collecting the materials :]

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