Monday, March 23, 2009


I just finished this one today. I really didn't have anything in mind, I kinda threw colors together and it worked well. I chose to name this the Eve necklace. The colors throughout this piece give off a mystical, but natural aura. There are many elements to this necklace. First, it is a double stranded piece. Two pewter links connect the chains. One strand is designed with natural pearls, crystals and metal dragonflies. Above that hangs the second strand, which is a metal chain with gray glass bell flowers and crystals that hang at either side. Two huge blue crystals are at either end also, and the necklace is secured with a beautiful pewter apple clasp (i love this toggle clasp!). I like to think the green pearls and blue crystals symbolize the lush forests and deep seas of the planet, and the shiny metals add a sense of magic, or fascination, that ties it all together.

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