Wednesday, March 25, 2009

shopping makes me so happy!

Just put a new order in (...yesss!) only a couple of days and I can start chiseling out cute little metal things! I had a good day at work so I thought I'd treat myself. Good thing too, I can now make my own earwires. it all looks pretty easy to do, I'll have a fun time figuring out all my gadgets and stuff.

Oh, just so this wasn't a pointless post, here's a few cute things I've made. hope you like...

This is a small necklace, kinda like a choker. Large lampwork glass beads wrapped in wire are strung along a small chain.

This is a funny looking necklace. Im still not sure what to think of it. I guess the fact its so intriguing adds to its charm. Large lampwork glass beads -that I picked individually at the bead store- are strung with yellow, blue and shiny metal beads. Its a whimsical circus!

Yum! a Key Lime bracelet!
Peridot green glass beads and silver twisty rings are shiny and cute. This bracelet catches amazing light.

This one is one of my favorites. Its a metal chain with a navy blue ribbon hand woven through each loop. To tie around your neck you simply tie the ribbon ends into a bow. Its pretty delicate but I dipped the ends of the ribbon with stuff to resist fringing and I secured the chain. Theres a cute leaf bail that holds a pretty blue glass bead.

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